Laundry Pickup and Delivery Management Software

Dry Cleaning Pick-up and Delivery Software For Your Laundry Organizations

Laundry Booking Application

Make your own laundry booking application at all conceivable times. Extend your client base and keep up with consistent client commitment through laundry delivery software

Planning and Mechanized Task

Auto-Allot arrangements to your pick-up& delivery staff, laundry stockroom or consultants through laundry management software.

Area Based Administration

Track pick-ups and deliveries continuously through laundry dry cleaning software, improve courses and geo-wall get/conveyance zones, clothing spots or client areas of interest

Dynamic Mechanized Invoicing

Modify SMS and Email layouts for mechanized informing and invoicing to your clients by dry-cleaning delivery software

Repeating Arrangements

Robotize the task and plan of repeating clothing pick-ups and drop-offs. Improve on work process through viable Laundry and dry cleaning management software!

Evidence Of Service

Laundry pick-up and delivery software help in picking among notes, pictures or marks as cutting-edge evidence of palatable help on the client's end.

Incoming Bookings

Get and oversee appointments on the dashboard.

Allot and Track

Auto-allot pick-up, delivery or laundry as per accessibility, specialization, execution and then some

Inform Clients

Update your clients as often as possible with mechanized notices.


Spot wellsprings of shortcomings in everyday activities, read extensive reports and pursue more astute choices