Laundry Pick-up & Delivery Management Software


Laundry Booking Application

Create your own laundry booking application that operates 24/7. Expand your customer base and maintain their loyalty by using laundry delivery software.


Planning & Mechanized Task

Laundry management software automates the appointment scheduling process by assigning tasks to pickup and delivery staff, laundry warehouses, or freelancers.


Evidence of Service

Enhance the workflow and provide satisfactory service to customers by utilizing advanced features such as notes, pictures, or signatures as proof of quality service.


Allocate & Oversee

Assign and monitor pick-up, delivery or laundry tasks based on availability, specialization, performance and other relevant factors.


Repeating Arrangements

Automate the process of repeatedly picking up and dropping off clothes with efficient laundry and dry cleaning management software.


Analytics & Reports

Use analytics to identify any weaknesses in your daily operations, generate detailed reports and make smarter decisions.


Dynamic Mechanized Invoicing

In addition, the software features dynamic and automated invoicing capabilities, with customizable SMS and email templates to efficiently communicate with customers and streamline the billing process.


Area Based Administration

The laundry dry cleaning software allows for seamless tracking of pick-ups and deliveries within specific areas of administration. This includes the ability to optimize delivery routes and geofence specific locations such as laundry spots or customer-designated areas.


Efficient Booking Management

Manage your bookings efficiently by accessing and monitoring them through the dashboard.


Regular Notification

Keep your clients informed by sending them automated notifications regularly.